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Because We Care Eligibility Criteria and Application (775 downloads)

Document Retention Distruction Policy

Gaming Publication for Tax-Exempt Organization

Recruiting Brochure and Order Form


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  1. Ronald Chappo

    Request information on recording the things we do for our post.

    1. Network Admin

      I am not sure what you mean by that but if you want to have everything at your member’s fingertips one way is to set up a website for your post. It is really easy to do. On your Florida website here you go up to the first bar that is in blue and starts with the word “Home”, go across to the words “Member Tools” than a drop down opens up. Hit the words “Claim your Site” You can set up a website right there for your post.
      If you are looking for more information please call State Headquarters.

  2. Ron Greco

    1. How do I order buddy poppies 2. How do I reset my web mail login and password

    1. Network Admin

      On the website the Buddy Poppy Order form is under Post Forms.
      Send it in to State Headquarters.
      If you have any problems please contact me at State Headquarters at

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