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Veterans of Foreign Wars 
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Welcome to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Florida. The VFW was founded on July 27, 1931 to assure those who have protected our country are protected in return. This comes in the form of patriotic programs, reaching out with help in communities across America, and being an advocate for veteran’s entitlements both in Tallahassee and in Washington, D.C.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars was originally founded in 1899 as the American Veterans of Foreign Service, the VFW continues to be a voice for veterans, currently deployed members of our Armed Forces and their families.

The VFW and its Auxiliaries are located in 8,500 VFW Posts around the world. We are at heart an organization dedicated to providing a place for all of those who have sacrificed in our nations’s conflicts abroad. While we are a national organization, we express this dedication through our local posts and programs to support veterans service members and their families.

We extend an invitation to join, our most prestigious organization and take part in the caring for our Warriors of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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Welcome to the 2013-14

“Team Florida” “Delivering for Veterans” VFW!


I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is starting the New Year with a positive outlook on what we can do for our organization, The Veterans of Foreign Wars.

     We as “Team Florida” have been working hard to increase our membership, promote our programs, and serve our veterans and their families. We still are a little behind in our goals. As we have reached the halfway point in the year, our final goals remain the same. A positive attitude must remain with each member in the Department of Florida to achieve these goals.

     The roles of our District and Post Commanders are emphasized even more to help achieve them. Even with leadership planning and outlining ways to increase our membership, it will take everyone to make it work. The Department of Florida has membership teams at all levels and they are there to help in any way. Post membership rosters for unpaid, members at large (mal’s) in your area, reinstate lists, and your post’s needy or hospitalized veterans are the tools needed to help you reach your goals.  Our Membership Director has supplied Districts and Posts with all these lists. Membership teams at Post level should be in place.  Also, we don’t want to forget recruiting. There are still plenty of eligible veterans out there. We need to continue the good fight. The old saying goes; if every member signed up one new member, look where we would be.  If a post needs help, call and someone will be glad to help in anyway. It’s now up to us to continue our good work and make it happen. Thank you for what you do.

     While traveling this great state and visiting fifty-one (51) posts and fourteen (14) districts, the hospitality has been great; but the real reason I’m talking about this is because of the great work I see being done at all levels. Programs are a top priority within the Department and overall we are doing a fantastic job. I thank you for that but there are some cases though I see the work being done but not reported. Find someone in your post that can report the event on the computer (if that’s the problem) and appoint them to do the reporting. Our State Program Director is there to help in any way he can. He is waiting for your call.

     I want to mention programs that I have designated to be my special projects this year. The Hospital Program and the Service Office are very important to the mission of The Veterans of Foreign Wars. These programs show how we work for Veterans and Veteran’s families. Posts and Districts have been donating and volunteering and I thank you for all that you do for these programs.

     I do want to personally Thank all the Posts who have made 100% in membership already this year. I know it is hard work, but when a post comes together to reach a goal it is very rewarding. Thank you!

     I also would like to thank the Department Officers for all the work they do for this great Department. Also thanks to the Office staff at Headquarters for their support and help. Thanks to the Service Officers and their staff for their dedication and service to Veterans.

     As I have said before and before, it will take the entire Department of Florida to accomplish our goal to be the best Department in the Nation. We can do it. Put on your thinking caps and come up with your own local contests for recruiting. For volunteer hours at hospitals. Ideas for raffles or dinners to make donations to our programs. Volunteer and support your community. These and so many other ideas, events or functions will only enhance and make your Post a viable part of the community. It helps recruiting too. Again, I want to thank you for what you do and what you are going to do. I hope to see everyone soon at Mid-Winter Conference.

     Let’s work together, play together, and above all get along while we accomplish our goals together, all while having fun.


“Deliver For Veterans”

 Chester Pyatt    

State Commander 2013-2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 About our State Commander Chester Pyatt (526)

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